An Introduction to HUF

The Hindi Urdu Flagship — “HUF” to its friends — is an undergraduate program at the University of Texas at Austin designed for students who wish to achieve advanced professional proficiency in Hindi and Urdu while majoring in a wide variety of programs, including Business, Government, Economics, Communications, Pre-Medicine and various liberal arts fields.

Video: An introduction to the Hindi Urdu Flagship
Watch a brief video introduction to the people and places of the Hindi Urdu Flagship


HUF is part of The Language Flagship, a national effort to change the way Americans learn languages. Students who successfully complete our program receive prestigious Flagship certification and are connected to a rapidly growing network of business, government, and nonprofit organizations seeking professionals with high fluency in critical languages.

The first and only Hindi-Urdu program of its kind, HUF combines an intensive four-to-five-year curriculum with individual attention and mentoring by Flagship instructors and native-speaker teaching assistants.

All HUF students have the opportunity to:

Find out more about the HUF curriculum and the distinctive features of our approach here.

Beyond the Classroom

While HUF is primarily an undergraduate academic program, our broader mission is to serve as a national center for Hindi and Urdu education. Since its inception in 2006, HUF has launched a number of substantial initiatives to diffuse its expertise and innovation to a wider audience. Recent projects include a set of pedagogical materials and guidelines for teaching advanced Hindi-Urdu in the healthcare context, an in-depth study of assessment methods and standards for advanced Hindi-Urdu, strategic K-12 outreach in Texas, and the production of a number of web-based language-learning series for students of Hindi-Urdu at various different levels.

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