The Language Flagship

HUF was established in 2006 by a grant from The Language Flagship, a national effort to change the way Americans learn languages.

Video: About The Language Flagship
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Designed as a network of programs, The Language Flagship community includes a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and K-12 programs. Flagship centers are based at institutions of higher education around the United States and offer an on-campus curriculum coupled with a strategy for intensive study at an Overseas Flagship Center. Programs are led by nationally-recognized leaders and innovators in language education.

Other Flagship languages include: ArabicChineseKoreanPortuguesePersianRussianSwahili, and Turkish.

Though all Flagship Centers have the same goal — to create graduates of American colleges and universities who are professionally proficient in key languages — each Flagship Center follows its own pathway to reaching that goal. Some have one- or two-year programs for graduate students and offer masters degrees. Others offer language programs for learners as young as five-years-old. All Flagship Centers have programs for undergraduate students. All share the goal of educating students in the languages and cultures of the world.

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