Admissions: An Overview

Students come to the Hindi-Urdu Flagship from a wide variety of educational, cultural, and geographic backgrounds. Click on the headings below to find out more about eligibility, admissions procedures, and other concerns you may have as a prospective student:

  • Eligibility

    • While diverse in background, admitted HUF students share a few key characteristics that ensure their success in Flagship's rigorous program. See if you possess the desired background and motivation to be a successful HUF student.
  • Request Information

    • Submit this contact information form and we will mail you more detailed information on HUF and add you to our email list-serve.
  • Apply Now

    • If you’re ready to apply to the Flagship, fill out and submit our online application for admission. Applicants need to have their statements of purpose ready before beginning the application. All interested applicants --- whether prospective freshmen, current UT undergraduates, or transfer students --- need to submit this application.
  • Preparing for HUF

    • Some suggestions for those wanting, or needing, further language preparation before entering the Flagship. Suggestions include online resources, dictionaries, and first-year textbooks.
  • Financial Aid

    • Information on the limited funding available to HUF scholars in good standing. Also, a list of external scholarships to which HUF scholars are strongly encouraged to apply.