Curriculum: An Overview

The Hindi Urdu Flagship program offers Hindi-Urdu language learners a four- to five-year honors level program. The curriculum is designed to help students develop superior-level language skills while pursing degrees in the major of their choice. Click on a heading below to find out more about the structure of HUF’s academic program:

  • Our Approach

    • HUF departs from traditional Hindi-Urdu teaching in a number of key areas, including: concurrent Hindi and Urdu instruction, a focus beyond the traditional 'Language and Literature' context, an overseas immersion component, use of authentic innovative HUF-produced media, and a high number of weekly contact hours.
  • Course Sequence

    • An overview of the sequence of HUF courses required to receive certification as a Flagship student.
  • Foundation Year

    • An overview of our unique preparatory year for students with no background in Hindi or Urdu. Highlights include weekly individual tutoring by native Hindi-Urdu speakers and a summer intensive in Madison, Wisconsin or Jaipur, India.
  • Core Language Courses

    • A description of the language courses that lie at the heart of the first two years of the HUF curriculum.
  • Introduction to India

    • Sample course descriptions from this key content course required of all first-year HUF students. Read how HUF Associate Director Sarah Green describes the course and see what assignments HUF Associate Director Syed Akbar Hyder gave to HUF students when he recently taught the course.
  • Advanced Topics

    • A description of the advanced courses, usually focused on Hindi or Urdu literary traditions, taken by HUF scholars during their second-year of study. Includes a listing of recent course titles and descriptions.
  • Hindi-Urdu Media (HUM)

    • A detailed description of this innovative, final-year course which teaches HUF scholars how to analyze and effectively summarize current events as described in primary Hindi and Urdu media sources.
  • Senior Project

    • An in-depth look at the requirements and procedures for the capstone HUF course, the Senior Project. Presents advice on how best to choose a subject and how to approach production of the project.