• May 5, 2014

HUF Graduation Celebration

HUF graduation celebration took place on Friday May 2nd from 5:00 to 7:00pm at WCH 4.104. Many of the HUF students came out and unwind with their fellow students, faculty, and staff as they celebrated the end of another successful semester and graduation of their fellow students. HUF is proud to announce that Florence Kerns, Sabeena Shaikh, Yahya Khan, Caity Martin, Sony Pathak, Neha Raheja, and Ailia Ahmed are graduating after they had successful years with HUF. We would like to thank Florence, Sabeena, Yahya, and Caity for their precious gift, the pictures they took while they were in India.

Shan Khan, the first official HUF graduate
Graduation Day
HUF students enjoying end of successful semester
Shan Khan, the first HUF graduate
Graduating HUF student
New begining