Ayesha Jalal: Partition

Renowned historian Ayesha Jalal discusses her new book, The Pity of Partition: Manto’s Life, Times, and Work across the India-Pakistan Divide. Jalal’s book offers the first in-depth look in English at the influential Urdu writer Saadat Hasan Manto (1912-1955).

Ayesha Jalal

Frances Pritchett: Ghalib

Frances Pritchett is Professor of Modern Indic Languages in the Department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University. She teaches courses on Indian civilization, Urdu literature and Islam in South Asia.

Frances Pritchett

Ali Mir: Bollywood

Mir visited the Hindi Urdu Flagship at the University of Texas at Austin to speak to Flagship students about his career in Bollywood production and the changing role of Urdu in Indian cinema.

Romance and Revolution

Rupert Snell: Autobiographies

HUF Director Rupert Snell presents his ongoing research on the autobiographical genre in Hindi. The talk features audio recordings of a number of Hindi Urdu Flagship students, teaching assistants, and faculty reading from a wide variety of Hindi autobiographies.


Tipanya sings Kabir

As part of its festival celebrating the living tradition of song and performance dedicated to the poet Kabir, UT’s Hindi Urdu Flagship hosted a live musical performance by an acclaimed traditional Kabir folk ensemble led by Prahlad Singh Tipanya.


Mehr Farooqi: Urdu’s Origins

The Hindi Urdu Flagship hosts this fascinating exploration of the development of the Urdu language by the renowned historian of Urdu, Mehr Farooqi.

Mehr Farooqi