• July 11, 2011

New podcasts available

We have recently made our various media offerings available via a number of new channels. If you would like to receive the latest media from HUF without visiting our website, check out our new Podcasts page for subscription options.

The Hindi Urdu Talks podcast
Hindi Urdu Talks is one of HUF's new podcasts. It's available on iTunes, RSS, and email and you can choose between either video or audio-only streams.

Here’s a run-down of the additions we have made so far:

  1. We have launched two new podcasts: Hindi-Urdu Talks presents lectures and performances from our archive, while Hindi-Urdu Lives contains our more personal and biographical interviews with Hindi-Urdu speakers. Both of these will be regularly updated with new content from both past and future recordings.
  2. We’ve also started to create audio-only versions of all our videos. This should help those with slower internet connections and those who simply prefer this format over video. We have listed our current audio options on our Podcasts page; watch for direct download links on our individual video pages soon as well.
  3. Finally, we’ve made all our podcasts available in as many formats as possible: iTunes, RSS, email, etc. The grid on our Podcasts page will show you all your options (hint: click on the RSS icons on the grid for even more options).

As our Resource library grows, we will be adding more podcasts to our collection. You can always check back to our Podcasts page to see every series currently on offer. Let us know if you have any technical issues; meanwhile, happy listening and/or viewing!