K-12 Hindi-Urdu

The cultivation of quality Hindi Urdu programs at the K-12 level is a crucial component of the Flagship’s mandate. To this end, HUF spearheads a number of efforts to increase and enhance Hindi Urdu K-12 programs in the US. Our efforts focus on the following areas:

Outreach Workshops

The Flagship hosted a workshop to develop linkages between K-12 and university Hindi Urdu educators Dec 19-20, 2008 at the University of Texas at Austin. K-12 educators from New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Houston, Dallas, and Austin discussed common pedagogical and logistical issues related to the development of K-12 Hindi Urdu programs in the United States. The workshop is the first step in an effort to start a national dialogue on the importance of Hindi Urdu at the K-12 level.

Existing K-12 Programs

The Flagship is working to provide teacher training, curriculum consultancy, and occasional financial support to existing K-12 Hindi Urdu programs. HUF has established partnerships with the following K-12 programs:

Emerging K-12 Programs

HUF hopes to establish partnerships ― similar to those listed above ― with K-12 schools who are considering establishing a Hindi and/or Urdu language program. If you are affiliated with such a school and would assistance in starting up a language program, contact us and we will help get you started.

Materials Development

HUF is developing language learning materials with an eye to their use in contexts beyond the Flagship setting; K-12 learners are a significant element in our broader intended audience. HUF materials are free, web-based, and not tied to particular textbooks. Our media projects will hopefully be a significant resource for K-12 learners and teachers alike. In addition, HUF has provided logistical support for the development of the first Hindi textbook for high school students.