Presenting Hindi

Jishnu Shankar

Developing pedagogical material – interesting lessons, interesting lesson plans, grammar, grammar points, exercises etc. – is never an easy task, especially for a language like Hindi where preformulated resources are few. I developed these topic specific powerpoints presented here for instructional use in my class. As such, they have proved to be of immense use, acting as an ever developing “text,” and for easy linkage on Blackboard as PDF files. Students have made good use of them inside as well as outside of the class.

These powerpoints are presented here for fellow colleagues and Hindi learners for their instructional use, and for further development as they fine tune them for their particular needs. While the topics in question do have a grammar orientation to them, they are not the only “text” the instructor should use in class. They should be used in conjunction with the instructor’s own creative lesson plan, supplementing material with these powerpoints where grammar and cultural points need to be highlighted.

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