13 Hindi poets


Recently, while typing up a poem by Vinod Kumar Shukla for a student, it occurred to me to choose a few favorites by other poets and add them to our website. My hope is that this small selection will lead readers to explore modern Hindi poetry, which is so rich in variety and profound in implication. Many works by the poets included here are easy to find online, for example through the very useful (if typographically haphazard) site kavitakosh.org. In selecting this baker’s dozen of poets and their works, I have been guided by a single criterion: that after reading a poem, the axis of one’s being should have shifted, at least for a moment, by a degree or two. Why thirteen poets? More than twelve, less than fourteen!.

I have not provided glossaries, but could do so if this would be helpful.

Rupert Snell

Each poem opens in a single Pdf.

Vinod Kumar Shukla

Savita Singh

Raji Seth

Raghuveer Sahay

Manglesh Dabral

Leeladhar Jagudi

Kedarnath Singh

Kunwar Narain

Gagan Gill

Dharmavir Bharati

Ashok Vajpeyi

Agyeya (1)

Agyeya (2)