Rupert Snell is Director of the Hindi Urdu Flagshipat the University of Texas at Austin, and a Professor in the Department of Asian Studies. Before moving to Texas in 2006 he taught at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, for three decades. In 1997 the President of India Snell gave him the Sir George Grierson Hindi Sevi Sammaan Award in recognition of his services to the Hindi language. Known for his five Hindi textbooks in the Teach Yourself series, Snell teaches Hindi language and literature at all levels. His research interests lie primarily in 16th and 17th century poetry in the Braj Bhasha and Awadhi dialects; publications in this field include The Eighty-Four Hymns of Hita Harivamsha(a Braj Bhasa devotional text) andThe Hindi Classical Tradition: A Braj Bhasa Reader. This book is available for download from the Hindi Urdu Flagship website, as is Hindi and Urdu since 1800: a Common Reader, co-written with Christopher Shackle. Two further readers are in preparation: A Ramcharitmanas Reader, featuring Tulsidas’ Awadhi version of the Ramayana, and A Reader in Hindi Autobiographical WritingIn the Afternoon of Time, Snell’s 1998 translation of the autobiography of the 20th-century Hindi poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan, has been very well received. He has also co-edited several volumes of articles, including According to Tradition: Hagiographical Writing in India (with Winand Callewaert), Classics of Modern South Asian Literature (with Ian Raeside), and Chutnefying English: the Phenomenon of Hinglish (with Rita Kothari). Current projects include a verse translation of the Satsai of Biharilal, to be published in the Murty Classical Library of India by Harvard University Press.