Letters of Recommendation

Below are some tips for students seeking letters of recommendation for funding, scholarships, graduate admissions, employment, internships, etc. Members of HUF faculty and staff will be glad to help you apply for funding and for the various other goals listed above, and to write recommendation letters on your behalf. Because we are asked to provide many such letters, you are asked to observe the following important guidelines.

1. Ensure that you are approaching the most appropriate person to write the specific kind of recommendation that you need. Does he or she have sufficient knowledge of your track record to be able to write a proper appraisal? If in doubt, ask.

2. Give as much notice as possible-ideally at least two weeks-especially if he person you are contacting is traveling.

3. Ask, do not demand! Etiquette goes a long way, especially when you are hoping that your recommender will say positive things about you!

4. Give full information about what it is you are applying for; do not expect your recommenders to research the background on your account. Make sure you provide all the following information:

  • The name or title of the award, degree, post, etc., that you are applying for;
  • The context of the funding being offered-eligibility, purpose, priorities, etc.;
  • Details of the person or office to whom the letter is to be addressed, including both email and postal addresses;
  • Copies of any personal statement, essay, or cover letter that you are submitting with your application;
  • Your CV or resume, whether or not you are submitting it with your application;
  • An up-to-date list of UT courses and grades and GPA;
  • DEADLINE for the receipt of recommendation letters.

5. If you have not had a note confirming that the letter has been sent, send a reminder to your letter-writer three days before the deadline (or longer if snail-mail is to be used).

Don’t forget to let your recommender know the outcome of your application!