Study in India: An Overview

Linguistic and cultural immersion is at the heart of the Hindi Urdu Flagship approach to language teaching; as such, HUF students are given the opportunity to spend two extensive periods of time in India during their undergraduate careers. HUF students first encounter India by spending a summer in Jaipur after their first year in HUF (or after their Foundation Year). For their third-year, HUF students return to India and spend a year of intense study based in the historic city of Lucknow. The Year in India is the centerpiece of HUF’s curriculum and represents a truly unique undergraduate academic experience. Click on the headings below to find out more about the various components of HUF’s overseas program:

  • Summer in India

    • All HUF students have the opportunity to spend a summer of intense language study and cultural immersion in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The summer program allows students to develop their conversational Hindi-Urdu skills and provides some preparatory cultural immersion prior to the more comprehensive Year in India program that appears later in the HUF sequence.
  • Year in India

    • The Year in India is a crucial and exciting component of HUF’s primary mission of bringing students to professional competence. The program provides a unique opportunity to become ‘immersed’ in Hindi and Urdu in academic, professional, cultural and domestic contexts, and complements Flagship courses already completed on the Austin campus.
  • Internships

    • During their Year in India, each HUF student pursues an individual internship related to his or her professional field. A typical internship might involve work with an NGO in healthcare, or in women’s education, or in children’s welfare, or with corporations in the areas of international finance and business.
  • AIIS

    • HUF’s unique Year in India program is based on substantial collaboration with the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS). AIIS is a consortium of American Universities that has offered language programs in India since the 1960s. While in India, HUF students receive language training from experienced AIIS teachers while enjoying the benefits derived from AIIS’s many years of organizing 'study abroad' programs for American students.