Course Sequence

The Hindi-Urdu Flagship program offers dedicated Hindi-Urdu language learners a four- to five-year honors level program. The curriculum is designed to help students develop superior-level language skills while pursing degrees in the academic major of their choice. Because of the number of credit hours achieved via HUF courses, many students can add a second major in Asian Cultures and Languages without significant extra coursework. Here is an overview of the HUF course sequence:

HUF Year
Foundation Year* Fall Hindi or Urdu 506 5
1 hour weekly tutoring 0
Spring Hindi or Urdu 507 5
1 hour weekly tutoring 0
First-Year Fall Hindi or Urdu 312K 3
Urdu 118K 1
Spring Hindi or Urdu 312L 3
Urdu 118L 1
ANS 302K Introduction to India 3
Discussion Session: Intro to India 0
Summer in India (Jaipur for Hindi or Lucknow for Urdu)
Second-Year Fall Hindi 332 Advanced Language 3
Hindi/Urdu 330 Topics Course** 3
Spring Urdu 332 Advanced Language 3
Hindi/Urdu 330 Topics Course** 3
(Year in India)
Fall: Jaipur Language Courses 6
UT Content Courses 6
Spring: Lucknow Language Courses 6
UT Content Courses 6
Professional Internship 3
Fourth-Year Fall Hindi or Urdu 434K
(Hindi-Urdu Media)
Spring Hindi or Urdu 434L
(Senior Project)

*Note: The Foundation Year is only for students with no background in Hindi or Urdu. If entering through the Foundation Year, the HUF curriculum usually takes five years to complete. Students with approximately “intermediate” proficiency in either Hindi or Urdu enter HUF at the first-year level with the program usually taking four years to complete. **Note: Second-Year students must take one Hindi 330 Topics course and one Urdu 330 Topics during the year. They may choose which semester they would like to take the Hindi 330 Topics course and which semester they would like to take the Urdu 330 Topics course.

Degree Plans

Filling out a degree plan may help scholars better organize the sequence of courses required to complete their major, HUF, and UT general education requirements. The College of Liberal Arts provides a large database of downloadable sample and blank degree plans (the Asian Cultures & Languages – Hindi/Urdu worksheet is particularly relevant to HUF scholars). Degree plans are also available from the academic advising units of each undergraduate college at UT. Sample four-year plans are intended to serve as general examples of how a student can progress towards graduation; it is not an official degree plan. Students should consult with both their major and HUF academic advisors to determine the course of study best suited to their academic goals and interests.